Magic Snowball Launcher




  • This is a great for kids.Not just the toys for children, but also perfect for adults, it’s suitable for everyone in the family.



  •  Let us use the snowball impact gun to get the upper hand in the happy snowball battle, and continue to launch the snowball.
  • Comfortable and stabilizing ergonomic wrist support handle.
  • Help child to develop hand and eye coordination and expand child’s wish to explore and learn.
  • In the cold winter, adults and children play together and accompany the children to grow up together.
  • Just put the snow into the spherical mold, and load them into the launcher, aim, and pull back the lever to watch them soar.
  • The snowball shooter gun can shoot snowballs up to 80 feet, making you the deadliest weapon on the hill. No one else stands a chance.
  • The perfect companion on a snowy day.In the snowy winter, have a fun snowball fight with your children.With the ideal snowball gun, you and your child will be fully equipped to win almost any snowball challenge.Call your friends and play together.


  • Color: white (glasses not provided)
  • Material: High Quality Plastic
  • Age: 8 years and older
  • Shoot Range: 26.24-39.37 ft
  • Size: 37*27*1 3cm
  • How to use:Put the snowball in the snow bomb chamber, pull the rubber band backwards, and use the rebounding force of the rubber ball to push the snowball back.
  • Package Content:1 x Snowball Blaster


NormalVersion, Upgraded version (with goggles)

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Magic Snowball Launcher