Magic UFO Drone




  • Want a drone that doesn’t require a remote control? NO BATTERIES?
  • The UFO Drone requires no remote and can be controlled simply by hand gestures!
  • Uses high-tech infrared sensor technology, it detects and avoids obstacles!
  • Extremely easy to use and control, just toss the UFO Drone in the air, and it will start flying on its own!
  • By placing your hand on the opposite side of where you want it to go, you can control the direction and altitude by simple hand gestures!
  • To charge the UFO Drone, simply plug into the wall and it will fully charge in 40-60 mins!
  • Great entertainment for all ages! Definitely a must-have in your toy box!      



  • Find a place with few obstacles to avoid damaging.
  • Press and hold the black ON/OFF switch button at the bottom for two seconds until the top light starts flashing. Then press switch to select speed – green light for normal and blue light for high.
  • Throw it upward gently and release, the mini quadcopter will take off automatically.
  • Control the direction just by closing your hand to the aircraft.
  • Control the height just by approaching the bottom or the top of the aircraft with your hand.
  • Grab and flip it over to stop flying.
  • The battery is low voltage when the red indicator light blinks. The UFO aircraft will land





Red, Blue


Watch remote control, Handle remote control, Watch+Handle

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Magic UFO Drone